Configurator Condition Monitoring System

Integrated Machine Condition Monitoring System

Our Dynamix™ 1444 Integrated Condition Monitoring system helps you monitor and protect the machines in your Integrated Architecture. Dynamix 1444 can be applied to any rotating or reciprocating machine in your facility, while configured to monitor each machine uniquely and provide the most meaningful information. This system can provide data for many different applications - to protect or to monitor an asset, to improve or deliver quality objectives, or to enable a condition-based maintenance or a predictive maintenance program.


  • Provides machinery protection and condition monitoring of rotating and reciprocating assets
  • Offers Distributed I/O on Ethernet/IP saving installation time and wiring
  • Offers easy integration and setup in Studio 5000 Logix Designer®
  • Rrugged, conformally coated and approved for electrical safety and hazardous areas
  • Offers expansion modules for additional capabilities
  • >Leveraging the Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture and its components such as controllers, HMIs, IO, sensors, etc., users will experience an enhanced level of integration, functionality and performance


Dynamic Measurement Module

The Dynamix 1444 Series dynamic measurement module is a four-channel, general purpose monitor that provides measurements of dynamic inputs such as vibration and pressure as well as static inputs such as thrust, eccentricity and rod drop. The module also measures speed from two TTL signal inputs, or can read machine RPM from I/O. The module is designed for monitoring shaft, casing, and pedestal vibration, shaft and rod position, casing expansion and other critical dynamic and position measurements on rotating and reciprocating machinery.

Tachometer Signal Conditioner Expansion Module

The Dynamix 1444 Series tachometer signal conditioner expansion module is a two-channel monitor that converts the signal from common speed sensing transducers into a once-per-rev TTL class signal suitable for use by up to six dynamic measurement modules. The tachometer signal conditioner expansion module is designed for use with the dynamic measurement module which provides power and manages the module configuration through the backplane.

Relay Expansion Module

The Dynamix 1444 Series relay expansion module is a four-relay module that serves to add relays to the dynamic measurement module. Up to three relay expansion modules may be used with each dynamic measurement module.

Analog Output Expansion Module

The Dynamix 1444 Series analog output expansion module is a four-channel module that outputs 4-20mA analog signals that are proportional to measured values provided by the dynamic measurement module. The analog output expansion module is designed for use with the dynamic measurement module.

Terminal Bases

Each Dynamix module must be installed in a terminal base, when linked together with ribbon cable, serves as the backplane of the 1444 Series system. There are two types of terminal bases – one for the dynamic measurement module and one for the expansion modules.


Our Bulletin 9309 Emonitor® Condition Monitoring Software works with our monitors and portable data collectors to help establish and execute a condition-based predictive maintenance program. Emonitor software provides you with a comprehensive suite of tools for long-term trending, plotting and alarming capabilities to detect the earliest possible indicators of developing machine faults.